Apo Island, Merges Primitive and Modern Living

Life in Apo Island has its own pace. Though located near cities and modern towns, the island and its  people preferred to stay with its primitive way of living.

Your view while approaching Apo Island.

Apo Island is just 30-minute away from Zamboangita, a neighboring town. You will reach the area through a boat ride. Though the area is really small it’s worshiped for its vast resources and lovely sceneries. That won’t be questioned since this tiny piece of land is the number one diving destination in the region, and officially number 10 in the country and around the globe.

The refreshing green grass and the virgin forest that coats the land will welcome you as the boat approaches the shore. You will be amazed on how something so small can survive in the midst of  the vastness of the blue and unfathomable body of water. You will feel the thrill even before you soak your feet on the salty water that gives life to colorful coral reefs and hundreds or probably thousands of marine species under.

One of the spectacular scenes under Apo Island water.

Once you reach Apo Island it’s advised that you will take advantage every minute of your time. You can either take a dive and explore the colorful world that awaits you under, or take a tour around the island using a motorbike, that you can rent per hour at very friendly rates.

Apo Island dining experience.

Food addict? That won’t be a problem. Your appetite will be satisfied with fresh-cooked seafood like crabs, fish, squids, and shrimps.  You will have a royal life facing the blue ocean while munching on your favorite delicacies.

If you want to know how it feels like before electricity was discovered, you can stay overnight in the island.   Apo Island does not have an electricity, and everything will be powered off after 6:00 PM. You can either have a candle-lit dinner with your companions, or rely on the light of the moon while sipping  your favorite drink.

One of the rooms of Pura Vida resort in Dauin, Negros Oriental.

If you’re one of those who can’t leave the convenience of air conditioned-rooms and soft mattresses behind, you  can go back to Zamboangita and spend the night in one of the lodging houses that await and welcome tired adventurers, with their world-class service.