Valencia, Negros Oriental’s Little Baguio

Every place has its own beauty, but I can say that Valencia is uniquely formed by nature. Situated 9 kilometers from Dumaguete City, the place is known as the province’s little Baguio.

Fun and adventure is what we expect each time we go out of town. Valencia won’t disappoint you since the town offers more than those two words. All gifts of nature are put together in the area: waterfalls, hot spring, tallest mountain, ravines, and thick forest that will bring you to another height  of thrill and excitement.

View of Cebu City island on top Mt. Talinis, Valencia.

Those who love trekking will have the pleasure of climbing Mt. Talinis, that is considered the tallest mountain of the whole Negros Island. Walking on foot will give you the breathtaking site of Dumaguete City, and the neighboring towns. You will also have the chance to view the body of water that connects the Negros Island and Cebu City. The water is so clear during the day that you will have the pleasure of viewing the floating vessels on the peaceful water.

Pulang Bato, Valencia, waterfalls.

The adventure won’t stop there. You can visit Pulang Bato hot spring that is located near Palimpinon, the main source of electricity in the whole island. You will be greeted with the beauty of smoking mountains and small waterfalls that give life to the plant-less cliffs and ravines, that are stripped off  its luscious green life due to the high sulfur content of the soil. You can also test your tolerance of height by zip-lining in Tierra Alta, Valencia.

Blooming flower farm in Valencia.

Ladies who hate to challenge their strength and stamina can forget about climbing and enjoy watching the blooming flower farms. Your eyes will be satisfied with the lively colors of the flowers, and each can be purchased without hurting your pocket.

If Baguio City is too far for you  visit Valencia. It’s cold, fresh, and green, the reason why it’s Negros Oriental’s little Baguio.