Lalimar Beach Resort, A Hidden Paradise

Lalimar Beach Resort may not be familiar to a lot of people, but the place has a lot of unforgettable experience to offer.

Lalimar Beach Resort’s view in the morning.

The resort is located along the Tanon Strait where the fresh sunshine awaits you. The morning view is really awesome with the clear sky making the opposite island visible in the horizon.I can say that the area and the location is still a virgin since it’s far from the crowd and the noise of civilization. It’s the recommended place to go if you need time to relax and experience the touch of nature.

Cottages facing the infinity pool.

Lalimar Beach Resort is still new yet, it offers first class accommodation and services that you will wish you have every single day of your life. It’s located in the heart of La Libertad, Negros Oriental, Philippines. That is an estimated of 2-hour travel from Dumaguete City.

Native cottages for visitors.

If you’re tired of the noise and pollution of the city take a little time to travel and enjoy. Lalimar Beach Resort should be your first destination. You will be amazed with how the crew of the location will pamper you with love and care. Plus, you will have a lifetime experience of spending time inside the comfort of its native rooms and cottages.


Bohol, Perfect for Travel, Fun, and Adventure

People in the Philippines are really familiar with the name Bohol. It’s one of the towns located in Visayas,  Philippines. What makes the place famous is the well-known Chocolate Hills, and one of  the smallest primates in the world, the tarsier.

Panglao Bohol resort.

Bohol is one of the places I dreamed of visiting though I doubt if I will ever set my foot on its precious soil. That’s really sad, right? Anyways, let me just share with you beautiful facts that I read about this most-visited little island.

Bohol first rose into fame due to its unique and amazing mountain formation. It has small little hills that grow in different sizes in one place. The little hills look like they are intentionally placed in the area by a playing giant or something. What’s amazing is that each  will change its  into color brown during summer, the reason why the beauty is called chocolate hills.

Chocolate hills before they turn brown.

Bohol also brags of its beach resorts with great accomodation. You can bring your whole family and friends, and enjoy the very affordable rates of the location. Visiting the place don’t need a huge amount of money. What is needed is the high demand for adventure, love of nature, and the drive to explore new places.

If your planning to go out of town you should visit Bohol. If you’re not from the country and would like to explore new places, Bohol should be included in your list.

Dumaguete Springs Pool Washes Your Blues Away

Dumaguete Springs is one of the resorts I visited with my friends. As a call center representative my life is sorrounded with stress, fatigue, pressure, and lack of sleep. Visiting places like this makes me forget the cruel world of work that I am encountering every single day.

We look like toddlers here!

You maybe thinking why each of my article is featuring the same faces. I am sorry, but I prefer a small number when it comes to my friends. These are also people that are so easy to be with. We work in one roof so we know exactly how to comfort each other.

Every thanksgiving is a non-working day, so we make sure we go out together to savour the temporary freedom we get. One of the places we visited was Dumaguete Springs that I can say has the best pool. Though the area is not really that big, you will enjoy the privacy and the solemnity of being together with the group you love to be all the time.

The pool area is well-maintained that you can’t even see a single leaf floating on the water, until we came. Well, that’s another story. We had fun spending most of our five hours in the pool.

This is what I call beauty!

The food is not really that memorable so we bring our own. That’s common in the Philippines. People can bring their own food, and just pay for the place which is really cool.

Thanksgiving is still months away, but I can’t wait to have the same awesome experience every year. We will be visiting another resort, and of course you will know everything that will happen through my blog.