Bais Sandbar, Unique and Mysterious

Sandbar should be pure and clean, and that  is what Bais sandbar will offer. Not only that; the place is famous for it’s unique and beautiful location.

Bais City sandbar during high tide.

Bais sandbar can be reached via ferry boats that are available through the Capiñahan Wharf , that is located in South Bais Bay, Bais City Negros Oriental, Philippines. It’s just a matter of 15-minute travel and you’ll be greeted by the white beauty of the place.

A school of friendly and cute dolphins.

Your adventure and great experience will start from the moment the engine of your boat starts. You will be accompanied by school of lovely dolphins that are already acquainted and close with humans. They are so friendly they will stay with you until your boat docks.

Once you arrive at the sandbar area, you can choose from lovely cottages that you can rent overnight at very affordable rates. It’s suggested that you spend the night with the place so you can witness its mystery when the water rises. Due to its small of area of only 7 kilometers, you will feel that the place is just floating on the vastness of the ocean.

Mouth-watering seafood in Bais.

The town is famous for its fresh seafood, and those will be cooked for you fresh from the sea. The delightful experience will be heightened with the breathtaking view of Bais City and the neighboring towns at the seashore.


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