Lalimar Beach Resort, A Hidden Paradise

Lalimar Beach Resort may not be familiar to a lot of people, but the place has a lot of unforgettable experience to offer.

Lalimar Beach Resort’s view in the morning.

The resort is located along the Tanon Strait where the fresh sunshine awaits you. The morning view is really awesome with the clear sky making the opposite island visible in the horizon.I can say that the area and the location is still a virgin since it’s far from the crowd and the noise of civilization. It’s the recommended place to go if you need time to relax and experience the touch of nature.

Cottages facing the infinity pool.

Lalimar Beach Resort is still new yet, it offers first class accommodation and services that you will wish you have every single day of your life. It’s located in the heart of La Libertad, Negros Oriental, Philippines. That is an estimated of 2-hour travel from Dumaguete City.

Native cottages for visitors.

If you’re tired of the noise and pollution of the city take a little time to travel and enjoy. Lalimar Beach Resort should be your first destination. You will be amazed with how the crew of the location will pamper you with love and care. Plus, you will have a lifetime experience of spending time inside the comfort of its native rooms and cottages.


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