Dive And Dine At Blue Waters Resort

Negros Oriental, Philippines is really an amazing island the reason why a lot of Americans, Europeans, Middle Easterns, and tourists from all over the world are coming in. The tourism in the island is rapidly growing specially now that transportation is very accessible.

I love my island, but I hate to admit that I am a tourist of my own land. I haven’t been to places that people from the other corners of the globe have the pleasure of seeing. Still, despite of my lack of time I managed to experience pleasure with some of Negros Oriental’s amazing places. One place is Blue Waters Resort that is located in Amlan.

The place is not really far from my place (1 hour travel), but my hectic schedule is the main hindrance why I failed to do that a lot. The place is really quite and clean. It’s perfect if you have kids. It’s also perfect with your friends because of the privacy the location offers. The entrance fee and accomodation is also something that you can fall in love in. It’s so affordable.

The pool is so clean it will entice you to dive into it seconds you laid your eyes on it. You can’t just resist the beauty that reflects the clear blue sky. Above is the photo of me and my friends at Blue Waters Resort.

P.S. The captivating photo was taken by my friend Walter Grapa.


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